All you need to know about Single Earrings

single earrings

To make your outfit look good, make sure you choose the right accessories. This is the reason you must try out the single earrings trend as it’s an easy way to make any outfit look more fashionable.

The unique trend of single earrings helps you make a big statement right away. Pull your hair back, choose the single earring of your choice, and get ready to carry a new edgy look. If you are trying single earrings for the first time, you might not be very sure what kind of earring to choose, so we have combines a list of some examples to help you:

  • Go for large and shimmery single earrings for a fun night out
  • If you are trying single earrings for the first time, opt for a dainty drop
  • Add some excitement to your outfit with the help of a large colorful hoop
  • A gorgeous drop earring with a statement pearl can go with almost any outfit
  • Look for long earrings with geometric shapes for an exciting look
  • Be super chic with a long feather piece
  • Be a little creative with a bold sculptural design
  • Try a simple yet elegant understated stud
  • Choose a drop earring with fringe for an edgy look

The trend of single earrings has been in the spotlight for some time now, so you also give it a try. Pick a style that suits you. Plus, single earrings trend has been doing the rounds in the fashion world as well. Many models are seen rocking the look with ease. Although it’s not something new, it is an old trend of the 80s, which has finally made a comeback.

Single earrings are special because they get attention and they help you create a style statement like nothing else. When planning to wear single earrings, make sure you opt for the right choice of metal, design, and size. The style can be both western or eastern wear. The only catch is that the single earring must match with the outfit you are wearing. If you want to try the single earrings look, here are some suggestions for you:

Make it memorable

When trying the single earrings trend, make sure you make it memorable. Instead of going for a small, understated single earring, choose a detailed and more intricate single earring. With time, as you master this style, you can even opt for longer single earrings that go down the shoulder.

Choose elegant pieces

While your main priority is to make it more memorable, don’t forget to choose elegant pieces. Wear more delicate earrings, those have a perfect geometric shape and are preferably adorned in floral designs.

You cannot go wrong with hoops

Hoops work well if you are planning to try single earring look. Get yourself a large hoop earring. It can be either plain or can have extra gems.