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gold plated jewellery

Things You Need to Know About Gold Plated Jewellery

Gold plated jewellery allows you to enjoy the look and style of gold jewellery without the high price tag. Moreover, gold plating comes in different levels, once the base metal... Read More

Top Jewelry Mistakes to Avoid

People are usually making all sorts of mistakes with their jewellery that they shouldn’t. It is mostly due to lack of time, bad habits, or because they don’t have enough... Read More
gold jewelry

Incredible Ways to Improve Your Beauty Within By Wearing Fashion Jewelry

The truth is that people nowadays are so busy that they don’t put much effort into adding accessories to their outfits. Another truth is that no matter how expensive your... Read More

Reasons to Choose Platinum Necklace Chain You Never Thought of

Do you want a necklace that looks amazing 20 years from now? Of course, you do! Did you know a high-quality platinum necklace chain stays shiny and white even 50... Read More
single earrings

All you need to know about Single Earrings

To make your outfit look good, make sure you choose the right accessories. This is the reason you must try out the single earrings trend as it’s an easy way... Read More

Different Ways to Style Gold Layered Necklace

Wearing a gold layered necklace is a great way to turn a simple outfit into something special. It is also a great option to enhance your formal dress for a... Read More
Lady with Gold Layered Necklace
Find everyday fine jewelry at White Birdy

Find everyday fine jewelry at White Birdy

Sometimes, it gets really difficult to choose everyday fine jewelry for yourself. It’s not because you cannot afford it but mostly because you cannot decide. Trends change frequently, plus there... Read More

Choose the right silver jewelry at White Birdy

Silver jewelry is linked to luxury and style. People love silver jewelry for its elegance and quality. Nowadays, it is definitely possible to choose the right silver jewelry that has... Read More
Choose the right silver jewelry at White Birdy
ear cuffs

Ear Cuffs and Wraps, the latest trend in women's fashion

When it comes to fashion statements, ear cuffs are, were, and will always be a classic. So it’s no wonder ear cuffs are always trending. A lot of celebrities and... Read More

Get timeless gold jewels at White Birdy

Gold jewels have the power to elevate even the most basic of looks. While everyone appreciates heavy necklaces and statement earrings, it is the timeless gold jewels like perfect-sized hoops,... Read More
gold jewllery