Top Jewelry Mistakes to Avoid

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People are usually making all sorts of mistakes with their jewellery that they shouldn’t. It is mostly due to lack of time, bad habits, or because they don’t have enough information about the jewellery they own. So here we are to let you know your jewellery mistakes and how to avoid them. These tips will not only help you save time and money but will aid you in keeping your jewellery looking great for long.

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When shopping for jewellery in gold shops, you must know the difference between gold filled jewellery and gold plated jewellery. If you are unsure, then you should always ask the seller before buying, especially for expensive items.

Also, remember, just because you are shopping from a gold shop doesn’t mean all the jewellery is made from gold, so ask the seller about what the pieces are made from. In particular, if jewellery gives the look of being gold but is inexpensive, then it is most probably not gold, it might be gold plated. Listed below are top jewellery mistakes to avoid:

You can cause damage with DIY jewellery cleaning methods

Trust us, cleaning your jewellery with DIY cleaning methods is not a good idea. Take your jewellery to gold shops and jewelers there will tell you the damage to the jewellery is all caused by DIY cleaning. Harsh chemicals can destroy your jewellery, however, if you want to clean jewellery yourself, stick to just warm water rubbed gently with a soft brush.

Your jewellery has never been cleaned

Who wants to wear dirty jewellery? Nobody! If you are wondering why your jewellery pieces are grime-covered and have that lifeless look, this is because they need a good clean. If you can’t clean your jewellery at home, you can take it to experts at any gold shop. Some pieces can get damaged due to wrong cleaning methods, so it is important to get it right.

You swim and shower in your jewellery

If you wear your jewellery while swimming or taking a shower, you need to stop doing this. Soap, chlorine, and saltwater can build up on the jewellery pieces. Take off your jewellery before showering or taking a dip, this will help you save a lot of cleaning time as well.

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You sleep in your jewellery

Sleeping in your jewellery is not the right thing to do. Imagine putting all the pressure on your precious gold necklace or earrings? Over time, your jewellery will weaken and will become prone to breaking.

Your jewellery isn’t stored correctly

Jewelers at gold shops that will always tell you to avoid having a chaotic jewellery box. Make sure you keep every jewellery item in the best way, store all the pieces in cool, dry places out of direct sunlight.

Too much layering with your jewellery

Eventually, all jewellery pieces will experience wear and tear, but if you wear multiple pieces at once, you may be unintentionally speeding up the process. Avoid wearing your favorite treasure all at once where they knock into each other. This will reduce the number of scratches and dents.