Popular earrings for women

If you have been looking to buy some trendy and fashionable earrings for women, then you’ve come to the right place! Before you decide to buy earrings for her, it is a good idea to familiarize with some of the popular types of earrings available for women in the market. Like any other piece of jewelry, earrings can add that spark to ones personality. The right earrings can be worn as a stylish accessory and they will amplify ones appearance and outlook.

Pierced and Non-Pierced

The two main types of women’s earrings you will find in the market these days are pierced and non-pierced. Wearing earrings has never been a part of women’s lifestyle in most ethnicities, which is why many women shy away from wearing them. Most women also don’t have pierced ears, and that is where non-pierced earrings come in to fashion. Non-pierced earrings are also referred to as mobile earrings, which can be easily and frequently changed. Such earrings are very easy to wear and they come in different styles and sizes. Some common styles of non-pierced earrings include clip-on, magnetic earrings, stick-on and more.

Hoops - When it comes to pierced earrings, the common styles available include conch, rim, diath, snug, tragus, rook, scaffold, lobe, and inner pinner to name a few. Hoops are also very common in women who have pierced ears. They can be plain or embedded with your favorite stones or gems. They are also trendy and can be worn at any occasion you feel like.

Novelty Earrings – Novelty earrings boast an antique design and are considered as one of the most common earrings in the market today. They come in all shapes and sizes, from cartoon characters, to skulls, animal designs, crosses, and more. They also use different materials and can be adorned with precious gemstones as well.

Barbells – Straight or curved, barbell earrings have short and thin gauged barbells. They are ideal for lobe and cartilage piercings. The closures of these earrings come in different shapes, such as rounded, rectangle, star, or even dice. When worn, they stretch from the outside of the ears cartilage through to the front of the upper end of the ear lobes cartilage.

Spacers and Plugs – Very similar to studs, spacers and plugs come with a different kind of backing than studs. Also known as bullet holes, tappers, gaps, and flesh tunnels, spacers and plugs symbolize a bold and adventurous spirit. They come in small and large sizes and are made from high quality plastics.

Whatever style you want for yourself or for your loved one, be sure to check out what is latest in trend these days.